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vanilla shakeology

Holy Vanilla Batman!! After two years of searching and tasting, Beachbody has finally created a Vanilla Shakeology!! Are you as excited to try this as me? I literally squealed (yes squealed) when I saw this. I’m not normally a fan of vanilla or strawberry flavored drinks because of how artificial they taste. However, if I like Vanilla Shakeology nearly as much as I like Strawberry Tropical Vegan, I’m sold! Make me your free Beachbody coach and order here:

Vanilla Shakeology is available to order with free shipping at midnight!

Vanilla Shakeology will also available with the Shaun T Focus T25 Challenge Pack (starts Monday)— LINKS & INFO COMING SOON!

On that note — Challenge Pack Focus T25 on sale Monday $180 thru July. After that it will go to the regular price of $205!—LINKS & INFO COMING SOON!

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