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p90x3-300x300ARE YOU READY? We can do this together! ATTENTION!! Taking P90X3 trial group applicants NOW!

Email p90x3trialgroup@gmail.com to get added to the list.

This group starts January 6th 2014. Let’s stop making and breaking New Years Resolutions! This year we are going to get ripped and get in the best shape of your life!


1. P90X3 releases on December 10, 2013. For the first 2 weeks if you order you get a FREE P90X3 hat and BONUS workout!

2. P90X3 will be on sale for the December 10th release!! That means you will be SAVING MONEY!!

3. This is a 90 Day Program (three 30-day blocks, 16 30-minuet P90X-style workouts, 6 days a week)

4. IMPORTANT- P90X3 is NOT A SEQUEL or graduate program to P90X or P90X2. Users do not have to be in great shape or need to complete P90X or P90X2 in order to be able to do P90X3.

5. You will have the support of a personal Independent Team Beachbody Coach throughout the 90 days you complete this program AND throughout the rest of your fitness journey.

6. All trial group (challenger) members have complete support and accountability. There will be a private page on Facebook for all of the members who participate. In this group you will have access to daily motivational support from your coach as well as other members. You will also have access to www.teambeachbody.com for other great tools as well as tracking your progress and workouts.

7. Get added to the list NOW so you can reserve your spot in this trial group! You will be updated with details on how to purchase P90X3 as we get closer to the release date.


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